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These Terms are governed by and will be construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Any disputes arising under or in connection with these Terms shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

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Amendment of the Terms
We reserve the right to amend these Terms without notice to you from time to time. Any such amendment shall be effective once the revised terms have been posted on the Site.



1. 1. a. The Guarantee is supplemental to the sale to you by a Smart Cover UK dealership of the application of the complete smart cover paint protection process (“the treatment”) to your vehicle on the application date and for consideration of the sum paid for the treatment (“The treatment price”).
b. Smart Cover UK has agreed to guarantee the due performance of the above mentioned processes in the manner and to the extent listed in this Guarantee.

2 a. You must complete and send the Guarantee registration form within 21 days of the application date..

If within six years of date of application of smart cover paint protection process to your vehicle, you notify Smart Cover UK in writing and produce original invoice of application or of smart cover application price sale your vehicle has suffered subsequent deterioration to its paintwork by reason of oxidisation, or climatic induced fading and other conditions contained herewith are satisfied; then Smart Cover UK will refund you the Treatment Price.

3. . The two-year guarantee – (smart cover nano fabric repellent process)
a. You must complete and send the Guarantee Registration form within 21 days of application date.

If within 2 years of the date of application you notify Smart Cover UK that your fabric has suffered permanent staining as a result of normal spillage from everyday type liquids such as water, beverages ices, milk and chocolates and all reasonable care has been taken to the fabric and the other conditions herewith are satisfied, an appointed smart cover agent, will undertake cleaning of the soiled area and reapply Nanofabric repellent to the newly cleaned seat or carpet or carpet mat, free of charge.

When a liquid spillage occurs, it is advisable to deal with the spillage whilst the liquid is still in beaded form and still laying on the fabric surface. To do this simply press down onto the liquid with an absorbent tissue or dry towel until the area feels dry (do not try to wipe the liquid off as, this action will open up the fabric fibres and rub the spilled liquid into the fabric, causing damage to your fabric.) Your guarantee does not cover against the wear and tear to your fabric seats or carpets or carpet mats.

b. If within 2 years of the date of application you notify Smart Cover UK that your fabric has suffered permanent staining as a result of normal spillage from everyday type liquids such as water, beverages ices, milk and chocolates and all reasonable care has been taken to the fabric and the other conditions herewith are satisfied; then Smart Cover UK will refund you the treatment price.

4. Your statutory rights
This guarantee is not intended to replace, modify or substitute for your statutory rights and Smart Cover UK shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, costs, expenses or otherwise which may be incurred as a direct or indirect result of your purchase of the treatment.

5. Regular Inspections
This guarantee is only valid if you either return to an approved Smart Cover UK outlet or approved applier that originally applied the treatment every 12 months for a regular inspection of the condition of the vehicles paint and the smart cover paint protection process. If there are any marks or scratches on the paintwork, details should be noted and reported to Smart Cover UK. The inspecting outlet shall, at its own discretion, be entitled to charge a nominal inspection fee on each inspection or a valeting fee if there is visible evidence of poor or irregular maintenance to the treatment by you. You are entitled to request whether such fee will be charged and what the fee will be when you present your vehicle for inspection at the approved outlet. On each inspection you must ask your dealer/outlet/fitter, to stamp and date your guarantee card as proof that the required inspection has been carried out.

If in the unlikely event that you wish to rely on this guarantee to reclaim The treatment price, you will need to present to Smart Cover UK a duly completed guarantee card and original receipt of application cost paid for the period of time from the application date, to the date you notify Smart Cover UK.

6. Limitations of liability for Smart Cover UK
(Paint Protection Process) The treatment must be applied by an approved Smart Cover UK applicator operative for the guarantee to be valid. Any areas repaired or replaced through accident or damage must be retreated immediately only by an approved applicator operative and the details noted on the guarantee card. A fee for this may be made by the operative or outlet.

7. 7. The guarantee shall be invalidated by reason of the following
a. The application of any product on the paint that is not recognised by Smart Cover UK: Products such as polish or chemicals used that are not approved by Smart Cover UK This applies where a polish or other chemicals are present before or after the smart cover paint protection process has been applied, or if it is issued after the smart cover paint protection process is applied.

b. Included in the aftercare pack is 150ml of nanodry wash & shield. The guarantee shall be invalidated if this is not applied at least once in every 12 month period from date of purchase.

8. Paint coating:
This guarantee does not cover rear boot spoilers or any type of fitted spoilers or body kits, or plastic door mirror housings on any used car. Nor does this guarantee or cover stone chips that were caused before during or after the smart cover application, nor does it cover marks or damage as a result of insect fluid, tree sap, birdlime, surface scratches resulting from the use of mechanical carwash brushes or any mechanical or hand carwash harsh wash detergents. Birdlime deposit and or tree sap contains harsh acids and will corrode through your paint work if left,,Using Smart cover birdlime remover in accordance to label instructions, will neatralise the area of acid attack if removed as soon as possible within the recommended time suggested by smart cover or the maximum of 2hours of the birdlime deposit. The Nanoplate coating will help slow down the acid attack process and work as a buffer zone, however no coating can permanently hold back the aggressive corroding process of acid in bird lime or tree sap to paintwork and or paint surface, Tree sap should also be neautralised as soon as possible as this too is an aggressive corrosive acid.

Tree sap can be neutralised by spraying with Nanodry wash & shield or hand carwash, using a good quality PH neutral non detergent shampoo.or spray nano drywash & shield as soon as possible to all affected panels, we recommend not to leave tree sap on your paintwork longer than 12 hours without treating the affected area with nano drywash & shield or hand washing your car, your aftercare products are designed to neautralise, birdlime and or tree sap failure to do so will invalidate your guarantee.

9. Exclusions
a. All Leather care
Leather surfaces are not covered under the smart cover guarantee We do not recommend treatments such as leather wax’s, leather soap or household spray wax’s be used as irreversible damage to modern day leather may be caused through the use of such products.

b. Plastic clean & shine does not form part of your guarantee
This is for exterior use only and for use on black plastic exterior non-painted trims such as wheel arch trims etc. Use as per label instructions this will keep your black plastic trims looking clean and shiny and stop UV bleaching and atmospheric build up when applied at regular intervals.

10. General
Allow a minimum of 4hours drying time in warm condition on application of Nanofabric repellent before seating in car takes place. Do not wash vehicle with any shampoo detergents for 72hours (3-day) after paint coating application, to allow for curing , wipe away any petrol spills during this 72-hour period (3-day). Regular maintenance of Nanodry wash & shield is important and recommended, regular use of Nanodry wash & shield will not harm your paintwork and will remove all unwanted harsh build up of contaminants and continue to build further coating and preserve the non stick properties to your paint surface. Avoid mechanical carwash use, as the harsh brushing will scratch the coating. Avoid using dirty or old chamois leathers or harsh cloth. Avoid placing chamois leathers or cloth or micro fibre cloth on the floor, as fine pieces of dirt will become embedded in these materials and will scratch your paint surface should they be used We guarantee the effectiveness of smart cover paint coating for 6-years and interior repellent for a period of 2-years from date of application on new and used cars when applied by a smart cover UK approved outlet only and subject to terms and conditions.


Smart cover paintless dent removal explained and terms & conditions

Ownership of Materials in Smart Cover Publications and or Website

Smart Cover UK is, unless otherwise stated, the owner of all copyright and database rights in the Site and its contents. You may not publish, distribute, extract, re-utilise, or reproduce any part of this Site in any material form (including photocopying or storing it in any medium by electronic means) other than in accordance with the limited use licence set out in our Copyright Notice or as permitted by the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 or the Copyright and Rights in Databases Regulations 1997 as applicable or any equivalent legislation as may apply in your country.

The contents of and within PDR facts Definitions and terms & conditions are the sole copyright of Smart Cover UK and may not be copied or used by a third party in part or full in any connection with any known commercial use and will be deemed illegal,l unless other than the intended use as terms & conditions for Smart Cover membership only for Smart Cover members only, unless you receive and or have prior full written permission from Smart Cover UK.


“PDR” means paintless dent removal
“Paintless dent removal” is the removal of dings & dents* without the use of paint or body fillers
“US” “Our” or “We” mean SMART COVER UK the company
“Smart cover” means the paint protection process we supply and is applied by our approved outlets
“This service” means paintless dent removal service
“Dings” means tiny dent no larger than 10mm in diameter
“Dent” or “Dents” mean larger than a ding but within the stated PDR size in paragraph 3a
“Crease” means a long shape dent, vertical or horizontal and not exceeding the size stated in paragraph 3b
“Online” The Smart cover UK official website
“Tools” or “PDR Tools” mean the PDR tools associated with the trade of paintless dent removal and used by technicians to carry out PDR.
“PDR repair time” means a sensible / realistic /acceptable / fair / time for a technician to spend on a repair
Max (2 hours) using PDR tools.
“Matrix” means the unique smart cover matrix as used to capture the specific area or co-ordinate of repair during the online smart cover booking procedure by our members.
“Co-ordinate” or “Matrix Co-ordinate” The specific location and or specific area of repair, as part of our online booking procedure
“Technician assessment” means the technician will assess if the dent is repairable or not, using his /her PDR experience and knowledge in conjunction and within our terms and conditions on the day of assessment of the booking.
“Anti perforation” means rapid corrosion leading to complete deteriation from the inside to the outside of the repaired panel area.
“Paintless Dent Removal service” is a service provided to our members through our online booking procedure and does not make up part of your paint protection guarantee.


(What we need to achieve a successful PDR repair)
a. Assessable Location to dent.
b. Good tool Access.
c. Tool tip contact to rear of dent.
d. Acceptable dent size in PDR terms. (SEE PARAGRAPH 3)
e. An acceptable and realistic PDR repair time of 1 hour maximum.
f. To accomplish a quality finish without paint damage.
g. Acceptable working reflection
The success rate of any PDR repair is dependent on 7 main facts; all these 7 facts are part of the assessment made by a technician in the decision that determines if a quality repair is achievable by PDR process.

1. The location of the dent (i.e.; can the rear of the dent be reached by the tool tip in that area?)
2. Can access be gained to the dent (i.e.; is the dent concealed behind a sealed crash bar or box section etc?)?
3. Can the tool tip make contact to the back surface of the dent? (The tool tip has to touch the back, for dent removal process)
3. Is the size acceptable to achieve a quality finish within an acceptable PDR repair time?
4. Can a finish be achieved without causing paint damage or paint surface damage?
5. Is there existing visible damage or body filler to the repair area before starting? (Broken or scuffed paint)
6. Does anything impede my reflection? (Our repair technique requires using reflection to complete a quality finish)
7. Can a repair be carried out within a PDR repair time 1 hour (PDR tools have been designed to remove certain size dings and dents within the sizes stated in these terms and conditions, being over ambitious may sometimes result in a satisfactory repair, but may also stop a technician from fulfilling their daily agreed booking schedule for our members.

The whole objective is for the tool tip to be able to reach the back of the dent to then create a massage technique to the whole area of the back of the dent surface and to complete a repair without creating permanent damage to the surface of the paint.

2. WHAT IS NOT REPAIRABLE (Not repairable or advisable as a PDR repair)
a. A Car reversing into your car.
b. A Car crashing into your car.
c. Your car crashing into another car or object.
d. Your car driving or reversing into a post or an object
e. Your car scraping into an object or post.
f. Persons jumping on the vehicle roof / bonnet / boot lid.
g. Persons sitting on your vehicle roof / bonnet / boot lid.
h. Impact to the rear wheel arch.
i. Panels that have been kicked or vandalised
j. Dents to the lower sill panels.
k. Dents to front grill panels.
l. Dents where the paint is scuffed or broken.
m. It is suspected there is body filler within the area to be repaired.
n. Dents to large in size or outside the “PDR repair time” (please see definitions section)
The type of dents caused to these panels are deemed as not repairable by PDR and not what PDR tools were designed to deal with and may not result in a satisfactory repair for both technician and customer.)

Dents made by where or how this normally happens
a. Shopping trolley impacts ------------------------------------ (airports or shopping)
b. Golf ball strike ------------------------------------------------- (golf coarse car park or driving by golf coarse)
c. Suit case or brief case impact ------------------------------ (walking between parked cars with cases)
d. Child bike handle impact ------------------------------------ (riding past or between parked cars)
e. Tools or objects left under bonnet or boot lid ----------- (tools left under bonnet / boot to full when closed.)
f. Car door opening onto car door ---------------------------- (tight parking spaces)
g. Conker falling from tree ---------------------------------------(parking under a tree)

a. Not to exceed 2cm in diameter
(For a round shaped dent)
b. Not to exceed 5cm in length
(For a crease or long shaped dent) horizontal or vertical.
Creases not to exceed 5cm in length.

a. All repairs are to be carried out by our approved technicians only, unless agreed with us or by us through our online communication, before or during the booking procedure.
b. All technician work in accordance with the health and safety guidelines of the approved workshop or outlet where the repair is to be carried out.
c. We advise that no valuables or personal objects or belongings of any kind are left in vehicles during the repair procedure or on the day of repair, as we cannot be responsible for any contents of any kind or any valuables of any kind, which are left in the repairing vehicle, any contents left in the vehicle will be at the member’s full and final responsibility.
d. We cannot be responsible for any damage that has not been reported prior booking or damage that has been reported on delivery inspection sheets on day of booking. Unreported damage and delivery inspection damage will be the full responsibility of the member.
e. The technician will make assessment on seeing the vehicle and determine weather a PDR repair can be carried successfully or not, the assessment will be made based on the technicians PDR knowledge and experience.
f. If a repair is not undertaken by the technician, the member will be informed of the valid reason for non-repair by telephone or personal e-mail, a representative from smart cover or the smart cover centre shall attempt to reach the member by land line or mobile phone, or leave an answer phone message where considered appropriate.
g. The vehicle should be at the agreed repair centre by no later than 10am and ready for collection by the closing time of the repairing location or by prior arrangement. Monday to Friday only and no bank holidays.
h. Charges for repairs are charged at per panel price not per dent.
i. We will repair up to the maximum of 2 dents per panel at the maximum size stated under these terms and condition.
j. When there are more than 2 dents on a panel, the panel price may increase. The repair will not continue without the member’s prior authorisation
k No hailstone damage is accepted under our booking procedure, unless there is full written authorisation agreed by Smart cover UK.
l. All successful repairs are charged for and all prices for repairs are subject to vat
m. Full payment for repairs are to be paid in full on day of repair.
n. Full payment will be accepted as our members’ full satisfaction of repairs.
o. Free repairs are carried out under these terms and conditions.
p. Free repairs are as offered at time of purchase and must be used within the agreed term stated on day of purchase.
q. Payment in full for all repairs will be made to the smart cover approved repair centre on presentation of final invoice.
r. We do not accept any liability to any member or non-member vehicle parked or left on site during or awaiting a booking at a smart cover approved repair centre.
s. All repairs which have been carried out through our online booking procedure carry a 1 year anti perforation guarantee to the specific area on the matrix co-ordinate given to us by our member during the online booking procedure.
t. All bookings must have a matrix co-ordinate to validate the repair guarantee.
u. The matrix co-ordinate given at time of booking is the responsibility of the member and this co-ordinate is logged.
v. The matrix co-ordinate represents the location of any one dent, the dent booked for repair and this location is the area that is guaranteed.

a. Booking a repair is through our online procedure only. By using our online booking matrix the specific information is deemed to be given by our member or with the full knowledge and consent of our member. The online matrix will help pinpoint the location of the area to be repaired and the size of dent and this specific co-ordinate is logged as your guarantee for a repair in your chosen coordinate. Our online booking allows us to handle multiple bookings in a swift and precise manner, It allows us to use visuals which make identification of panels easier for customers that are not familiar with the specifics of car panels, It eliminates any frustrations associated with phone call bookings.

We operate a 24-hour online booking procedure. All bookings will be subject to advance bookings.

All bookings will be subject to a minimum of working 7 days in advance, the 7 days is subject to change by us at our discretion, and members will be notified of any changes to this matter through our website. All repairs will be booked using information supplied by our members or on-behalf of our member only and deemed by us to be with our member’s full knowledge and full consent. The information we receive for the booking procedure will be received by us in good faith and deemed by us to be correct.

It is our member’s full responsibility to supply us with the correct information regarding Dent size, Dent location, repair dates and this information will be the logged and used to form the guarantee of satisfaction of repair. All bookings will be carried out at our approved outlets or as agreed with our approved technician only and no guarantees are issued or any responsibilities taken by us if for any reason or reasons a member makes personal arrangements with a repairing technician without the use of our online procedure or our consent or a booking being made without the consent written or verbal from us. We do not provide a mobile PDR repair service under this membership unless agreed by our authorised technician or us.

No bookings will be made for or accepted on weekends or a bank holiday.

A guarantee for repairs will only be valid when a repair has been invoiced and the invoice payment settled in full.

a. We will at all times aim to offer a fair and worthwhile PDR procedure, service and or range of products to all of our members and or non members.
b. In the case of any disputes arising from our “what is repairable by us”
We will through our online response centre arrange one additional inspection by another of our approved technician and an assessment made in accordance agreed by these terms & conditions.
c. Any complaints should be made through our online procedure.
d. All complaints should be reported within 48 hours and during working hours; Monday to Friday 9am to 4.30, no bank holidays.
e. All complaints will be dealt with in accordance to our complaints procedure and you will be kept informed by telephone or personal e-mail.
f. We aim to resolve any complaint swiftly and fairly in accordance to our complaints procedure.

a. The membership is free for 1 year from the date of purchase of smart cover paint protection process.
b. All members will be sent renewal reminders 14 days before membership expiry date.
c. All Smart Cover services and products will be offered at full retail prices if membership is not renewed.
d. No discount or associated benefits will be offered to non-members on any online Smart cover product or service.
e. Membership benefits/services/products are offered when the member has activated membership.
f. No repair is to be undertaken without the use of our online booking to create all bookings.
g. No booking will be allowed without membership or until the membership has been activated first.
h. Membership to be activated within 14 days of purchase of smart cover product.
i. Membership starts from date of purchase of smart cover paint protection process from our outlets.
j. Smart cover membership can only be activated when purchased through our approved outlets
k. Smart cover can only be purchased legally from our approved outlets.
l. We reserve the right to cancel any membership permanently or temporary at any time, for deliberate negligence of terms and conditions or if found to be misused in any way or if a membership is deemed a fraudulent.
m. If membership is cancelled for whatever reason, then all member benefits associated with smart cover membership are stopped and are no longer available, unless by written agreement by us.
n. Smart cover products will still be available to purchase online along with all our range of car care and maintenance products and products associated with the upkeep of the smart cover paint protection process and all purchases will be bought at non member prices, failure to apply your maintenance products may invalidate your guarantee.
o. Free repairs are a promotional offer and are subject to withdrawal or change without prior notice.
p. Free repairs are offered to activated memberships only
q. Free repair offer is 12 months from date of smart cover purchase. Subject to change without prior notice.
r. All activation start dates will be from date of purchase of smart cover
s. All promotional offers at time of sale will commence from date of smart cover purchase
t. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any membership without prior notice
u.All PDR repairs carried out through our online booking procedure and by our approved technician in accordance to these terms and conditions will carry a 1 year anti perforation guarantee to the area co-ordinate booked and listed on our matrix.
v. On acceptance of our terms and conditions, the information provided by our members at first time of activation and after, will be stored and processed by us and associated companies to be used for any further products and renewal notice in the future.
w. All smart cover terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.



For all other general enquiries please email: info@smartcoveruk.com

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